Wednesday, July 23, 2008


On October 25th I got a call from Mom that she had to take Grandma to the emergency room for a really bad headache. The next day we got the news that she had a brain tumor. It took another week for them to figure out that it came from lung cancer that she had for years that nobody ever caught. She started radiation in November to shrink the brain tumor, that worked well. Then she started chemo to try to treat the lung cancer. It didn't tough it at all. So in April she went on hospice. She got progressively worse and on July 10th with mom and I by her side she took her last breath and went to meet up with grandpa after being apart for 14 years.

Its been hard not having her here with me during the day, especially since I was her primary caregiver most of the time. The house is empty and I feel as though I have nothing to do but she is no longer suffering and I know she is happy again. I just miss her. Love you grandma!


Ok, I know I should have updated this along time ago but I've been lazy! Mark and I went to Hermann, MO for the July 4th weekend and had a blast! We got there Friday night and sat in our room at the campbell Haus bed and breakfast and listened to the back playing across the street. Then we walked to the riverfront ate homemade ice cream and watched the fireworks. It was wonderful, I didn't realize how much I missed fireworks for the past 2 years. Saturday we started out with a yummy breakfast and then walked around town and went to the antique shops, found tons of good stuff and even bought some. Mark got some cookbooks, he needs to start using them! After a few hours in the antique shops we hit up the wineries. YUMMMM If you have never had an Adam Puchta wine, you have to! It is delicious!! The picture is from Stone Hill, it is my all time favorite picture of us EVER!

Saturday night we drove all around the countryside and just enjoyed the time together. Sunday we had another yummy breakfast, even though Jon didn't get the quiche cooked right. Then we spent some time talking to Jon and Becky and went to the antique shops again. Hit up a few more wineries then came home. What a wonderful weekend it was!!