Thursday, February 4, 2010

week 2 weigh in

I was so nervous to step on the scale today, I thought my heart was going to come out of my chest! I shouldn't have been nervous at all! I lost 2.3 pounds since last weeks weigh in! WOOHOO I was so excited I practically skipped back down the hall! So that means I have lost 3.3 pounds in two week! Working out and watching your calories actually works! If you have an iPhone I 100% recommend the Loseit app. You record everything you eat every time you work out and it keeps tracks of your calories for you and tells you how many more you can eat. It then subtracts the calories you burn when you exercise, it's a great app and helping me out so much right now.

I am not going to make yoga again tonight because I need to work, I'm upset I have only made it to yoga once as compared to my three times for Zumba. I am going to make it back Yoga I swear!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

done for the day

Another day of studying is done, I feel like I got a good amount accomplished today: Cardiac, Endocrine, Hematology, and Musculoskeletal Physio got done. I am going to review them tomorrow morning before i go to work and hopefully tomorrow night at work after Toots goes to bed I can review GI physio. My head feels like it is going to explode, I just want to sleep and I want to be done with it all.

But now I need to go home make dinner, change the laundry out and then go to the gym for Zumba class or Kelly will call and ask where I am and be incredibly dissapointed if I don't go, like she was last night when i didn't go to the gym...bad me.

And did I mention that studying for the USMLE step 1 sucks? Because it really does...


I'm back at the good ol library to study. Physiology is on the schedule for today. I don't want to do it, I hate Physio it can kiss my ass for all i care, but it's one of the biggest topics on the test so I can't just skip it. I guess I just need to suck it up and do it, huh? UGHH wish me luck.

As a side note, i totally can't wait for my scheduled lunch break because I am going to allow myself to watch biggest Loser from last night, woohoo!