Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all of my readers! I hope you have a wonderful time with your family and friends. But please don't forget the true reason for this season, to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Don't let his light out of the season.

I'm just waiting for Mark to get here so we can go over to my grandparent's to celebrate and then its off to 11:00 church tonight and tomorrow waking up in the morning and opening presents with my family then going to Marks house to open more presents, and finally to his cousins for Christmas dinner. So I hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Mark's parents, Mark, Cub, and I all went up and met Charlie tonight. It went well! His parent's are going to be picking him up either Friday or Saturday. I'm so happy, so happy that Charlie is going to get his forever home and its with my future in-laws! And Cub will have someone to play with when her grandma and grandpa come in town! So welcome to the newest member of the family Charlie!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


All of my Christmas shopping is done!! Bought my last gifts today, just waiting for one last UPS shipment and then I need to wrap. I HATE wrapping!! HATE it with a passion, maybe I'll just buy some gift bags, much easier than wrapping paper. I can't wait to just spend time with the family and eat a ton of yummy food!! We'll be spending Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas day with Marks family. Should be a good time. But anyways this was just a quick post to say I was done shopping!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Cub's brother

It looks like Mark's parents are going to be adopting Cub's brother from The St. Francois Society when they are in town over Christmas. Mark's dad has been in love with Cub since we brought her home and he wants a dog just like her. When her brother came up for adoption Steve tried to get info about him but never did hear back so he assumed he had been re-adopted. Mark and i went back to petsmart yesterday and Charlie was there! We called Steve and he called Charlie's foster mom today. They are going to meet when his parents get in and if all goes well we will get to spend our first Christmas with not only Cub but also Charlie! Then Charlie gets to go back to Maryland with Mark's parents, and the brother and sister won't get to see each other often. But teir reunions will be extra special then! so just keep praying that things go well and everyone gets along!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I know its been a while since I last posted, I don't have any excuse except that I've been lazy, incredibly incredibly lazy. So whats happened?

-I went and saw the Twilight movie. It wasn't wonderful it wasn't horrible, it was OK. There were some key scenes from the book that I really think the movie needed, and some added scenes in the movie that I don't think were needed. I'm hoping that in the second movie the acting improves because i wasn't convinced. But I will definately see the second movie and buy the first one when it comes out.

-Thanksgiving. Mark came to my house and we had "dinner" with my family around 1:30 it was delicious, and Mom and I did most of the cooking. It was our first Thanksgiving without grandma and it was tough but we did it and I think our food was almost as good as hers! Then after dinner hear we headed to Southern Illinois to have dessert with his family. I don't do well in groups of people I know well and I especially don't do well in a group of people I don't know well. So I almost got sick on the way there but I made it, and I made Mark PROMISE not to leave me. So whats the first thing he does when we get there? Go for a walk with the guys and left me sitting with the women and talking. I did ok, I even managed to make some conversation, I'm getting a little more comfortable with his family. I'm still just so afraid they won't like me, or I'm going to do something stupid. ARGH I need to get over my fear of being in groups.

-Day after thanksgiving. Went to another of Mark's families farms, different people from the day before. Once again on the way there I got sick and thought I was going to pass out. Once again made him promise not to leae me. we get there and he does much better of not leaving me, until his parents get there, then he leaes me with his mom and the other women again while the guys go outside to shoot guns and such. I didn't do so well with keeping up my end of the conversation this time. But I was sititng in the back corner of the room so I don't think anyone noticed. After an hour or two i think i finally started to talking. At least I know i was sitting in the middle of the room and talking when Mark finally came in. So I guess thats good. Maybe I should go to the doctor about this....

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Twilight movie!!!!

So tomorrow a group of friends and I are going to see the Twilight movie! I'm so freaking excited I can't even sit still!!! I LOVED all of the books and want more, I'm lost without having anymore Edward to read about! Hurry up and get "Midnight Sun" out please!! So stay tuned for my movie review in the next few days. I know you all will be waiting anxiously for that. If you haven't read Twilight go out and buy the book and read! It's an addiction, a lifestyle, a love.

Friday, November 21, 2008


I've been tagged by the lovely Angie and also "C" These are my first tags ever on blogger and it's pretty darn exciting!OK lets see....7 random facts. Let's see if I can come up with that many

1.) I have a twin brother and I also have little brothers that are also twins. So that would be 2 sets of twins in my family, and I am of course the only girl.

2.) I didn't go to a non-Lutheran school until medical school. I was in a Lutheran pre-school, grade school, high school, and university. It felt weird to not be in a Lutheran school after so long.

3.) I am scared of Jello, literally scared of it. I will run and scream the other way from it. One of my best friends in undergrad used to love to torment me with it.

4.) I am almost deaf in one ear. I had an earache but I was at my best friends house and didn't want to leave so I ignored it. Well the next morning I woke up and there was blood and pus coming out of my ear. Turns out my ear drum ruptured and it never healed correctly so now I can't hear well out of it.

5.) My fiance is about the only person that can make me smile even when I don't want to. And then when I get mad at him for that he laughs and that makes me laugh. And I love him for it.

6.) I never wanted anything more than to be a doctor but since I met Mark I want nothing more than to be married to him AND be a doctor :-D

7.) I LOVE cookie dough, I make it and end up eating about as much as actually becomes cookies, but I don't like cookie-dough ice cream.

OK there are my 7 random things. I think everyone has done this but if not consider yourself tagged and do it!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

More giveaways

Got two more giveaways from Sarah's blog. The first one is a monogram giveaway (thinking about using them for a baby shower coming up) over at Monogram Chick. And the second one is a lipgloss and Sephora gift card giveaway, how much more awesome can you get?! So jump over to Lipstick Diaries and check it out! Hope you all enjoy these sites as well and find some cool stuff!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hello my name is...

Amber, and I am addicted to the Twilight series. Yes I haven't posted anyhting since hte last post about the book because I have been too busy reading it and the two after it. I have to wait until tomorrow to get the fourth book though because Mark wants to get it for me. So I am trying to make the last 150 pages of "Eclipse" last the rest of today. Its hard. I have a feeling that once I am done with "Breaking Dawn" that I will have a void. I had my first Edward Cullen dream last night....oh man I didn't want to wake up! He is soooo amazing and its a fricken fictional character! I can't wait to be able to see the movie, but I'm waiting for a few of my friends to read the books first so we can all go see it together. Well I guess thats all I'll post more once I am done reading!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

I did it...

I broke down today and bought the first "Twilight" book. I've had enough of everyone telling me how good it is, I have to find out for myself. So I'll let you all know what I think when I finish it. Which according to everyone should be today. I just hope its as good as everyone says and I'm not being set up for disappointment.

Friday, November 7, 2008

a giveaway

I have recently started following a new blog and in honor of her 100th post she is doing an awesome giveaway of Sephora makeup!! So go over and check it out! Hope you enjoy it and read the rest of her blog its really good!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Do you ever just feel stuck? And then not want to talk about it, just want it to fix itself? I hate confrontation, and just want everything to be peachey. The worst part is some of the stuff that bothers me is like the stupidest stuff ever, which then bothers me even more. I feel like I have so much wasted time now, in which I should be studying or doing something else and I don't. I've been so lazy and I hate that too. I feel like some people aren't putting as much effort into certain things as I am. I just feel worn out. I'm sorry for being such a downer just how I am feeling. Hopefully the next post will be more uplifting.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Elections are tomorrow

So elections are tomorrow and as horrible as this is going to sound I still don't know who I am voting for in the office of President. I know all the state and county offices I am voting for and all the propositions. But president I am still lost. I can't decide on which is the lesser of two evils, I'm half tempted to write in a vote for my dog and be done with it. There are stances of each that I agree with and stances I don't, just wish I knew which ones were most important to me so I could decide. Well by this time tomorrow I will have decided, and nobody will know but me. I don't tell anyone who I vote for not my fiance not my parents and not even you my blog readers. I don't even tell those people who call to see if "they can count on my vote for Joe Blow" It's between me and that piece of paper, or in the case now me and the computer. But I do know I will be happy when this is over and there are no more phone calls, junk mail that just gets thrown away and constantly talking about it on the TV. But anyways no matter who you are voting for don't forget to get out there and vote! It's a great opportunity we have and we need to all take advantage of that freedom.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cubs brother

Mark and I got our puppy Cub (she's the multi-colored spotted one) from the St. Francois Society, they have adoptions every Sunday at the PetSmart in South County. We have had her for about 5 months and we wanted to take her up there and show her off. We went up there and hung out with the nice ladies for awhile then went inside to Cub a few new toys, shes rather spoiled. When we were walking out one of the ladies says oh well their is Charlies sister. Charlie was one of Cub's litter-mates and his parents brought him back, not sure why but they did. It broke my heart to see them sniffing and playing with each other and then to have to walk away and leave him there. I did however get a few pictures of them together. I just hope someone who has enough love and time for him adopts him because Cub has been a great addition to our lives and I know Charlie would be too. They had the same little quirks and attitudes, if I could have him he would have been home with me.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Mark and I went to Eckert's on Sunday and picked apples and pumpkins. We had a great time!
They have a pumpkin cannon which is freaking awesome and Pig races, seriously how awesome is that!! I didn't get pictures of any of that but I got some of our pumpkins and
the pretty scenery.


Sorry all for being so boring nothing much has been going on. I started a new job, every Sunday night I go over to a lady from my church house and take care of her mom who has alzheimers while she is at work. I get there at 6pm and leave around 8 the next morning. I get $10 an hour to sit and talk to this lady and watch TV and sleep. The lady is sooo sweet and she isn't too far into the disease yet. I am going to start going at 6pm-10:30pm on Saturday nights starting the second week of November too. And whenever she needs me during the week. Its a pretty sweet deal adn it doesn't interupt my studying. Mark is a little upset because it takes away a few hours of our time together, but he will get over it!

As you saw we got the pictures back I was talking to his Dad and saying how I liekd the ones at the Muny best, they were the last ones we took and you could tell we just relaxed and started having fun with them. So he wants to take more! Thats right there will be more pictures, they will either be when he is in town for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I can't wait!!!! They were so much fun!

I'm heading out to Marks tomorrow and we might be going to a homecoming even at Columbia Friday night, not sure we'll see if he wants to go. This weekend is the Applebutter festial in Kimswick and I can't wait I haven't been able to go in like 6 years because of school, until then I had never missed it. And then Saturday night is a bonfire at a friends house, maybe. If so I will take plenty of pictures. Oh we went to Eckerts on Sunday, I will do another post in a little bit with my pictures!

Monday, October 20, 2008

FINALLY!!! The pictures!

I got our engagement pictures from Mark's Dad on Friday, I LOVE them! I was worried for nothing. There were a few with weird faces but nobody needs to see those and there are more than enough that I really like! I'm so happy we did these and that we had such a fun time doing them. Be forewarned there are a lot of pictures in this post and they are kinda jumbled because blogger doesn't let you organize the photos when you upload only after and frankly I just don't feel like doing that now. Enjoy and leave me bunches of comments about them!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Engagement pictures DONE!!

Mark and I had out pictures taken Sunday by his dad. We had alot of fun with it, even though there were some heated temps along with the high temps. But we all calmed down and ended up having a great time! We took some pictures around the lake at Tower Grove Park in the "old building ruins" then we went over to Forrest Park. We took pictures around the fountain in front of the Worlds Fair Pavilion and then we went and changed and then took some pictures with us staning in the water fall there! We had Cub with us and she was in some of out pictures. After that we went over to the Muny and took some pictures around the gaxebo there and around the box-office. My parents also came out and watched us take some of the pictures.

After we finsihed with pictures Mark and i took Cub home and dropepd her off then met up with his parents, my parents and his uncle and his wife for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was the first time I have met his uncles wife and my parents have met her or his uncle. It was great that they were all in town and we got to spend time together.

I can't wait to get the pictures from his dad!!! He is putting them on a CD and will be mailing them to us probably begining of next week, I am soooo flipping ansy i can't wait!!!!!! Pray some of them are good, I'm so nervous!

Win a handbag!

I saw this posted on Amandas blog and couldn't pass this up! You can win a free handbag from Handbag Planet and come on who doesn't like that?? I know I would always love a new one!! They are giving a new one away every hour so go check it out!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

casual casual

OK, here are my casual, casual outfit choices, once again leave a comment on which one you like best thank you!
Casual outfit 1: with shoes

Casual outfit 2: with detail of ribbon back, and shoes

Casual outfit 3: most likely with shoes from outfit 2Casual outfit 4: either with tennis shoes or my cardinals crocs and baseball hat

Casual outfit 5: with detail on back and most likely shoes from above or the snake-skin print heels

And once again if you have any other options please leave them as a comment also!