Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cubs brother

Mark and I got our puppy Cub (she's the multi-colored spotted one) from the St. Francois Society, they have adoptions every Sunday at the PetSmart in South County. We have had her for about 5 months and we wanted to take her up there and show her off. We went up there and hung out with the nice ladies for awhile then went inside to Cub a few new toys, shes rather spoiled. When we were walking out one of the ladies says oh well their is Charlies sister. Charlie was one of Cub's litter-mates and his parents brought him back, not sure why but they did. It broke my heart to see them sniffing and playing with each other and then to have to walk away and leave him there. I did however get a few pictures of them together. I just hope someone who has enough love and time for him adopts him because Cub has been a great addition to our lives and I know Charlie would be too. They had the same little quirks and attitudes, if I could have him he would have been home with me.

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