Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Sorry all for being so boring nothing much has been going on. I started a new job, every Sunday night I go over to a lady from my church house and take care of her mom who has alzheimers while she is at work. I get there at 6pm and leave around 8 the next morning. I get $10 an hour to sit and talk to this lady and watch TV and sleep. The lady is sooo sweet and she isn't too far into the disease yet. I am going to start going at 6pm-10:30pm on Saturday nights starting the second week of November too. And whenever she needs me during the week. Its a pretty sweet deal adn it doesn't interupt my studying. Mark is a little upset because it takes away a few hours of our time together, but he will get over it!

As you saw we got the pictures back I was talking to his Dad and saying how I liekd the ones at the Muny best, they were the last ones we took and you could tell we just relaxed and started having fun with them. So he wants to take more! Thats right there will be more pictures, they will either be when he is in town for Thanksgiving or Christmas, I can't wait!!!! They were so much fun!

I'm heading out to Marks tomorrow and we might be going to a homecoming even at Columbia Friday night, not sure we'll see if he wants to go. This weekend is the Applebutter festial in Kimswick and I can't wait I haven't been able to go in like 6 years because of school, until then I had never missed it. And then Saturday night is a bonfire at a friends house, maybe. If so I will take plenty of pictures. Oh we went to Eckerts on Sunday, I will do another post in a little bit with my pictures!

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