Thursday, October 2, 2008

Engagement pictures DONE!!

Mark and I had out pictures taken Sunday by his dad. We had alot of fun with it, even though there were some heated temps along with the high temps. But we all calmed down and ended up having a great time! We took some pictures around the lake at Tower Grove Park in the "old building ruins" then we went over to Forrest Park. We took pictures around the fountain in front of the Worlds Fair Pavilion and then we went and changed and then took some pictures with us staning in the water fall there! We had Cub with us and she was in some of out pictures. After that we went over to the Muny and took some pictures around the gaxebo there and around the box-office. My parents also came out and watched us take some of the pictures.

After we finsihed with pictures Mark and i took Cub home and dropepd her off then met up with his parents, my parents and his uncle and his wife for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. It was the first time I have met his uncles wife and my parents have met her or his uncle. It was great that they were all in town and we got to spend time together.

I can't wait to get the pictures from his dad!!! He is putting them on a CD and will be mailing them to us probably begining of next week, I am soooo flipping ansy i can't wait!!!!!! Pray some of them are good, I'm so nervous!

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