Monday, September 22, 2008

casual casual

OK, here are my casual, casual outfit choices, once again leave a comment on which one you like best thank you!
Casual outfit 1: with shoes

Casual outfit 2: with detail of ribbon back, and shoes

Casual outfit 3: most likely with shoes from outfit 2Casual outfit 4: either with tennis shoes or my cardinals crocs and baseball hat

Casual outfit 5: with detail on back and most likely shoes from above or the snake-skin print heels

And once again if you have any other options please leave them as a comment also!

dressy casual

Should I go with dress casual or casual casual? This is one of the questions I am contemplating, what do you think, and which outfit do you think of them is the best? I know alot of questions, please help!

Dress casual outfit 1: Sorry about the phone it rang just as the camera was flashing, and please ignore the not done hair and no make up

Shoes for dress casual 1:
Dress casual 2: Sorry its so blurry, but its a red tie halter with blue beads around the tie
shoes for dress casual 2:Dress casual 3: Sorry for the sour-puss face!

with these hot hot shoes!
Ok thats all my dress casual, now onto a new post for the casual casual clothes! Please leave me a comment if you like any of these or if you can think of any mix-n-match i can do with them!

Engagement pictures 1

OK this is most likely going to be a few posts long so be ready! Mark and I are getting out pictures taken on Sunday. His Dad has photographed weddings before and is coming in town this weekend and has agreed to take our pictures. If they are good and I don't look too bad then they will be our engagement pictures and save us alot of money! So I am trying to figure out what outfit to wear and I have alot of options. I took pictures of each of them so leave a comment on which outfit you like!

First the outfit I am wearing for our "dressy" pictures

Balloon glow

So Friday night a big group of us went to the Balloon glow in Forrest Park. We had a blast and saw some interesting balloons and pretty fireworks. Mark and I drove up from his house, and when it was time to leave decided to go over to the Worlds Fair Pavilion because traffic was a mess to get out. We fell in love with it and are seriously considering a wedding reception there. We also decided some of our engagement pictures will be there (more on that in a new post in a few minutes). We just sat there looking out over the fountain and park for an hour and talked. It was one of the best times we have had in a very long time! Gosh how I love that man. But anyways onto some pics of the glow, beware not the greatest of quality!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

On a quest...

to be more positive! This is my new goal. No more being negative, no more being down, no more getting worked up over the little things. Life is to short for me to be unhappy. If studying is getting me down I walk away from it, and give myself a chance to relax. If Mark does something to bother me, no more yelling and stonewalling but simple communication. I'm getting off the "crazy cycle" it has ruled my life for too long. "Energizing cycle" here I come!

I'm also going to get out more and meet new people. I need to get over my fears of meeting new people, no more getting sick when I am goiong to do something. Although I am not sure how well this is going to work considering I still get nervous when I am going to meet up with my friends of like 15 years. I always think what if I have the wrong time, wrong place, wrong day, what if I am not dressed appropriately. Always something. But I have decided to join the "book club" that the fantastic girls on STWed are starting up, i figure this is a good low key way to start, and it will ensure that I have something to talk about. Lets jsut hope i will have the courage to get my butt out of the car and go in!

Wish me luck on this new goal! Oh and if you are wondering about the "crazy" and "energizing" cycles i recommend you read the book "Love and Respect" by Dr. Emmerson Eggerichs.