Monday, September 22, 2008

dressy casual

Should I go with dress casual or casual casual? This is one of the questions I am contemplating, what do you think, and which outfit do you think of them is the best? I know alot of questions, please help!

Dress casual outfit 1: Sorry about the phone it rang just as the camera was flashing, and please ignore the not done hair and no make up

Shoes for dress casual 1:
Dress casual 2: Sorry its so blurry, but its a red tie halter with blue beads around the tie
shoes for dress casual 2:Dress casual 3: Sorry for the sour-puss face!

with these hot hot shoes!
Ok thats all my dress casual, now onto a new post for the casual casual clothes! Please leave me a comment if you like any of these or if you can think of any mix-n-match i can do with them!

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