Monday, December 15, 2008

Cub's brother

It looks like Mark's parents are going to be adopting Cub's brother from The St. Francois Society when they are in town over Christmas. Mark's dad has been in love with Cub since we brought her home and he wants a dog just like her. When her brother came up for adoption Steve tried to get info about him but never did hear back so he assumed he had been re-adopted. Mark and i went back to petsmart yesterday and Charlie was there! We called Steve and he called Charlie's foster mom today. They are going to meet when his parents get in and if all goes well we will get to spend our first Christmas with not only Cub but also Charlie! Then Charlie gets to go back to Maryland with Mark's parents, and the brother and sister won't get to see each other often. But teir reunions will be extra special then! so just keep praying that things go well and everyone gets along!!

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