Monday, August 17, 2009


I know I promised a post of substance, and well I am finally delivering. If any of you are left out there paying any attention at all to my blog. I know I left you for a while. I was going through some things.

1. I did not pass my test again...Got me really down. I did however see tons of improvement and I am just starting to organize studying again.

2. My best friend got married. It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of tears, and smiles. And a ton of fun was had on the party bus and at the reception!

3. Mark and I decided to buy a house, then decided not too. That one was hard on both of us. We found a house we both loved, and where about to put in a bid, then freaked out about the money. So i think we are going to wait a while. Sometimes thinking and acting like a grown-up sucks!

4. I am now trying to help plan my twin brother's fiances shower, and her aunt who is also planning is being a real b*tch. She is such a control freak and is leaving me nothing to do. HELLO this is my twin brother, I am in the wedding, you are an aunt, let me do something!!

5. We went through a bit of a health scare with my mom, luckily it's nothing too serious. But she and I are now going to the gym together so that we can stay healthy! And we want to look hot at said brothers wedding. ;)

6. I got a new kitten! He was a stray found behind my dad's shop. His mom had been seen the day before decapitated in the middle of the street, so sad. But he is such a lively, and loving boy. He purrs constantly and loves to be around people, and boy is he full of energy! At first we thought he was a she, until the vet informed me otherwise..WHOOPS we already had a pink bed, pink collar, pink toys and a girls name. That is now all changed except for the bed...he doesn't use it anyway he sleeps with me so I figured it didn't matter.
I know that more happened, but I am drawing a blank, so I guess that's gonna be it for now. And if anyone is left, I promise I will do better about updating. It felt good to sit down and make a post today.

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EWebey said...

YAY for the update!
Being a grown-up does suck.