Friday, October 16, 2009


WOW I have been busy! A few weeks ago I went with Mom to a great friends wedding in Arkansas. Shayla and Sergio got married in a beautiful ceremony. They had a wonderful reception at a gorgeous old house in Little Rock. Shayla wore a gorgeous Maggie Sotterro dress that she has had her eyes on since she first got engaged.

Mom and I explored all over Little Rock. We went to the William Clinton Library, wasn't incredibly imrpessed with it. We walked all around the Market district and went to the Old State House. It was beautiful! And there were some really awesome exhibits inside.

Last Sunday mark and I went to Eckerts to pick our pumpkins and apples. We had so much fun walking around and looking at all the animals and watching the Pig races! Mark and I then bought pooping pig key chains and chased each other around with them.

The pig races:

Mark picking his apples:

A pretty apple in a tree:

Me picking my apples:

Me with my most perfectest pumpkin:

Cool pumpkin in the patch:

Mark and I at Eckerts:

This past Wednesday Mark and I went shopping. We hit up Gordman's and Old Navy. I got three new dresses a new pair of leggings and a new pair of jeans. Then I went shopping today and got two new shirts from JCPenny's, a Christmas present for my little brothers girlfriend, my new shoes for Christian's wedding and a clutch th carry. I also got grey boots to wear with my new dresses and leggings, I am so excited to wear them!!! I also got the gift for Mandy's wedding shower, and the placemats. I think I am almost done with all of the stuff for it. I am going to the Blues game on Firday the 23rd with some girlfriends, its the pink out game, so part of my ticket goes to breast cancer research and we get a pink shirt! So I bought a long sleeved pink t-shirt for breast cancer research and a pink Blues t-shirt to wear. So now for pictures of my new shoes!!!

Shoes for the wedding, my clutch matches them perfectly!

My new grey boots, I heart them so much!

I think that about covers everything that i have been up to for the last few weeks. On and in there I worked for 160 hours in 1 week. It was long, boring, and at time annoying, but it was amazing money so I am not going to complain. Tomorrow we are going to the Zoo and we are going to do the behind the scenes tour, Penguin and Puffins. I'll have a bunch of pictures to post after that too!

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