Sunday, February 22, 2009

Very busy

Hey all, sorry about not updating more than I have been. But this studying for the Step 1 thing kinda gets in the way, hope you can understand that. Kansas City is a gorgeous city! I live about a mile from the plaza so I am there rather often. There has been some drama with the program but it's getting better and I am slowly seeing a rise in my scores, now I'm just getting impatient for the big jump I need to see.

I've been seeing a counselor about my anxiety problems and we may have found the root of them, one Mr. David Scupham. He was my advisor at Valpo and the first time he ever met me he told me to give up on my dream of ever being a doctor, that I wouldn't make it. He was the first person who ever told me I couldn't do what I wanted and apparently that scared me alot deeper than I thought. So I am working through it.

Mark and Cub came up for Valentines day, Mark and i went to a really nice dinner at "Jack Stacks BBQ" then we walked around the plaza and came back to the apartment and played with cubby. On Sunday Cub and my roomates dog Byron got to meet and play to together. He is 100 lbs heavier than her but they got along great and played really well together!

Yesterday i had some really yummy BBQ from a place called "Oklahome Joe's" it's a BBQ restraunt in a gas station. I was skeptical but it was delicious! That might be all for now...really all i do is study my life is boring right now.

Oh yea, what am I studying right now? The Alveolar-Blood gas exchange. The first paragraph n the page I am reading now is: Pgas=Fgas x Patm. By convention the partial pressure of the gas is expressed in terms of it's dry gas concentration. Example the PO2 in ambient air: Po2=0.21 x 760=160 mmHg

Fun stuff huh??? I know you are jealous you don't get to read anymore and I do!

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