Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Freaking out

Ok so my parents were looking for a house for my twin brother and his fiance, in their searching they found a house that would be perfect for Mark and I. It needs some work and it's listed for $109,900 which on 3 acres of land with a barn, stables, two car garage and two other outbuildings and three bed three bath house isn't bad at all! So today we called a mortgage broker to see about getting pre-approved and I am freaking out waiting to hear back from her. What if we don't get it? What if they laugh at us and say no way in HE double hockey sticks are we gonna give you a home loan. I was so nervous calling the lady today that I had to call my mom and talk to her before I called this lady and my mom pretty much said ok i am going to hang up and you ARE going to call her, then call me back so I know you did it. It was horrible!!! And now I am trying to study while I wait to hear back...YEA RIGHT!!! I'm just soo nervous what if they say no, or what if they say yes! ARGHHHHHH How did you all handle this, because I am a wreck and I can't stay like this and hope t be a functioning member of society!

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