Friday, February 4, 2011

more planning

I am sure by the time September 24, 2011 comes around all 3 of my readers will be so sick of hearing about my wedding. I am going to apologize now for that because I am not going to stop posting about it!

In my last post I had a request to post the picture of the bridesmaids shirts. Here is a picture of one of my bridesmaids with her shirt and me wearing my "bride" shirt.
Tomorrow 3 of my bridesmaids and I are going to look at bridesmaids dresses, I think I know which one it is going to be but I am not positive yet so I am going to hole of on posting a picture of it until we are sure!

The reception hall is booked, and I am so exited about it! They have amazing food and the best car of all the reception halls around. The DJ is also hilarious and fun so I am excited to be working with him also!

I have my limo company narrowed down to a few, and I am meeting with a photgrapher/videographer next week. It's all coming together and I am excited. I was really stressing earlier this week about all of this because I had no clue what to be looking for and asking these people. I eventually just sat down and went through every known limo company and photographer in St. Louis and looked at their websites. I picked a few I liked based on their website, pictures, customer reviews, and not going to lie prices. Showed them to my mom she narrowed it down to a few and we are meeting with all of them. This is not an easy happy go lucky process it takes time and patience. So if you are going through this too don't let it get you down it can be done!

I'm working on another post about stuff we need to do in order to be married at my church. Be waiting for that!

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Cecilia said...

It will be here before you know it!! PS: I won't get tired of reading about your wedding. We eloped and I love the wedding posts.