Friday, February 18, 2011

Flowers, photography, dresses oh my!

Holy cow.  This wedding stuff is stressful! Earlier this week I was ready to say lets go to the courthouse and screw all this planning shit.  Bridesmaids dresses have been more difficult than I originally thought they ever would be.  I have it narrowed down to two choices. I know which one I like I know which one each of my girls like.  I also know which one my mom likes, his mom likes, my dad likes, he likes, my aunt likes, my uncles likes, and anyone else within a 5 person connection to this wedding likes. UGHHHH I don't want your opinion if you aren't wearing it you don't matter to me.  Now I am stuck trying to decide which dress to get and I don't know.  I'm thinking of just pulling one out of a hat and saying ok, thats it. This is the dress, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. I'm sick of the stress from it!  Anyway I have uploaded pictures of the two dresses I am trying to decide between.. What's your opinion, I know I said I didn't want anyones opinion if you weren't wearing it but your opinions will be different to me than family.  Not as pushy and do what I want blah blah like it often is with family and weddings.

Now onto flowers, I had no clue what I was looking for in flowers.  I knew I wanted red, orange, yellows, and greens. I met with a florist yesterday and she was amazing.  She took the colors I wanted and made a gorgeous bouqet for me, the girls, moms, and my grandma.  The bouts were amazing.  I am so much more excited about flowers now that I ever thought I would be! I can't wait to hold them on my wedding day!!

Photographer, we met with a photographer we absolutely adored, he works with a videographer who is also amazing..  And even the price for his most expensive package, including an album, 2 photgraphers for all day, videographer, full copyright of all images including retouching, 3 copies of the DVD from the videographer and unlimited number of places for pictures. All this for less than most others starting prices! I was so shocked and happy. We have seen his work and we like it and he used to work for the post dispatch as a photgrapher so you know he is good.  I am so happy to have these decisions made and it's something else to mark off the checklist.

This weekend I am dog-sitting, going to the funny bone to celebrate birthdays, and going to the bridal show at Busch Stadium.  It's going to be fun! What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun or exciting? Heck even sitting home with a bottle of wine and a movie marathon? That sounds good too!!


N. said...

Those two dresses are so different, I actually think it should be easy to choose. What type of wedding are you having, day ceremony or evening, church or other, where's the reception, is it formal or more casual? Just by looking at the two, I prefer the shorter one, but it all depends on what type of wedding it will be in... and what color will the dress be in?

My weekend plans include pizza, a movie, some furniture shopping, and playing with my son.
Have a good one! And let us know which dress you choose!

Cecilia said...

I prefer the shorter one too but they are a lot of other factors to consider. One other one I would throw out is time of year. Is it October? It may be a bit balmy for that time of year if you are doing an outside wedding.

I'm going to lunch in just a bit with a bunch of ladies, and I have a run planned for tomorrow, but that is all.

Amber said...

The wedding is September 24, still rather warm most of the time. The color is going to be cognac. Ceremony at 3 reception at 7 in a reception hall. Nothing too formal, I just want people to be comfortable and have fun.