Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Mentor Couple

If you will recall from one of my previous posts one of the requirements to get married at my church requires us to meet with a mentor couple a few times before our ceremony.  We had our first meeting with Bill and Debbie last night.  I was so nervous going in, I was afraid they were going to tell us our problems were so bad we shouldn't get married.  I was shaking and having a hard time breathing, Mark had to calm me down before we rang the doorbell. 

When they let us in we sat down and just talked for a few minutes and it really calmed me down.  They made us a YUMMY dinner of salad, ravioli, and brownies with mixed berries on top. During dinner we just got to know them a little better and talked about us a little.

After dinner they gave us a little survey to fill out, about what we really want to talk about ranging from communication, finances, conflict/resolution, god, and sex.  They said we weren't much different in what we wanted to/felt we needed to talk than different couples they have met with.  And they said they have never recommend a couple not get married. WHEW! We started talking a little about communication and conflict resolution last night.  Just from the few minutes we discussed it last night I can tell this is really going to be a positive for us and our relationship.  I am looking forward to where this is going!

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EWebey said...

I'm so happy for you two. I'm glad this is such a positive experience so far!
Good luck!!