Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So far 2009 has been full of changes. I have moved to Kansas City for 3 months to partake in a study program for the USMLE Step 1. So far I am a big fan. I hope this is the thing that turns it all around for me. Other things that may help this:

  • Less time spent online-either just looking through websites, or chatting with people
  • Less time spent on the phone talking to people-my mom and Mark
  • More time concentrating on studying and less time daydreaming
  • Working out in the evening after class to give me energy to study
  • Eating healthier foods-fats make you INCREDIBLY tired
  • Spending a little time each day having a chat with God-big man upstairs controls all, and isn't that someone you'd like to have on your side? I know I would, I just forget sometimes that he's there. Glad he never forgets I'm here
So far I have done really well with all these, granted it's only been three days but if I can keep it up through this week it'll be easier next week and by the week after it'll be a normal pattern.

Other changes: I have two awesome new roommates! Shayla and I were so worried about who we would be living with but we got so lucky! They are some pretty amazing girls and are a great moral support as well!

Another big change that hasn't happened yet but will and is still a bit weird for me to put out here: I am going to start seeing a counselor about my anxiety problems. I freak out over pretty much anything. When I go to my best friends house who I have been friends with for years and years and years I freak out. What if I have the wrong time, what if i have the wrong day, what if I am dressed wrong for the planned activity, what is they don't really like me and just invite me out of pity. Stuff like that until I have myself pretty darn sick and thinking I'm gonna have to pull over and up-chuck. This gets intensified by a million when I meet new people or am in a larger group. So yea, I'm gonna start seeing a counselor about that. The people here think that may be a rather large portion of my not doing so well on the test in the past. So we shall see.

So now that I have told you my changes, what are some you have already see this year?

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