Wednesday, September 16, 2009


We got Maggie in 1994 not long after my grandfather passed away. She was just a little fuzz ball, so sweet and soft. I remember going to the Humane Society with my mom to get her. We were trying to decide between her and a German Shepard puppy. We took Maggie into the little room and she was just so excited she was jumping and playing, she pooped everywhere and was just too cute. I had to have her. She was never overly hyper, playful or rough. She was always a calm and loving dog. She did good with Jesse and Jeffrey who were only 4 at the time we brought her home. The only problem we ever had with her was when she tried to eat the neighbors Chihuahuas. She doesn't like yippey dogs either. She loved to run, she knew when mom and dad were coming home from work and would meet them at the top of the road and race them home, she always won too. She slept with me on my bed, and she had her own pillow and blanket, she'd lay on her pillow and I'd have to cover her up before I could go to bed. Then grandma moved in with us and I went to Valpo and she started to sleep with her. Whenever grandma would leave to visit my uncle Maggie wouldn't eat until grandma got back. We were all worried when grandma died, we figured maggie wouldn't be far behind. But it's been over a year. However Maggie's end is drawing near, probably within the next week or so. She has a hard time walking she is so stiff, and a really hard time sitting, but she isn't in pain. She doesn't whine, and she lets me pet her hips and rub them without any problem. It's gonna be really hard when we have to take her in, She's been my dog since I was 11 and my little brothers dog since they were 4. She's been a great dog for all of us and we will miss her.

This is Maggie from about 4 years ago, when she was having no problems at all, she could sit, sit pretty, shake and lay down. i think now if we asked her to do any of them she would still try...This is Maggie from about 2-3 years ago, you can tell she is looking older and more worn out. But she was laying on her grannies bed so she didn't care.

And this one is Maggie from just a few weeks ago. You can really see a difference here. This is a pretty common stance for her now, she tried to sit and then her front legs slide out from under her.But no matter what Maggie was a great puppy and she will always be my baby girl.

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