Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christian and Mandys wedding

My twin brother got married December 19th, and it was a blast!! After the rehersal dinner the bride, bridesmaids, and brides brother all stayed the night at Mandy's parents house. We slept on the floor and had a great time just hanging out. We got up the next morning and all went to get our hair and make-up done, then it was off to the Provincial House chapel on the campus of UMSL to hang out in the brides room and drink mimosas. When it was time to get Mandy ready the videographer came in and had us all say something, I blubbered like a baby, something about finally getting a sister. Then it was time for the walk down the aisle:The vows:

the unity candle ceremony:

The new Mr. and Mrs.:
After that there was a bunch of hanging around the church and taking pictures, then it was off to the party bus! What a great time! Everyone was drinking, dancing, laughing, it was just fun. We stopped at Busch Stadium to take some pictures, it was freaking freezing out there! But I think we got some good ones.

The reception was at Orlando Gardens on Telegraph, everyone had a blast.

first dance:

father/daughter dance:

mother/son dance:

Hoe-down throw-down:I didn't know 100% how to do this dance but at least I got out there and tried, which is more than anyone else can say. I couldn't hold up against the boys though, they kick ass at that dance. We danced the night away, it was so fun, my feet and legs didn't like me the next day but oh well, I had a blast.

Hopefully tomorrow I will get my Christmas, and mission trip posts up. Thanks for hanging around while I wasn't blogging to all of you left, I appreciate you!

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