Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sunday activities

Sunday started off with church and then we all came home ate breakfast and set my little brothers off to Chicago for a few days. Then those of us left here, Mom, Dad, Christian, Mark and I all sat/laid down to watch the olympics and everyone but me fell asleep. I watched some beach volleyball and bike racing. It was good. After Mark FINALLY woke up we went to the AB brewery, and then over to Tower Grove park. While there we got to thinking about engagement pictures and how Marks dad is coming into town in a month and he takes amazing pictures. He's even done some for weddings and such. So we called his dad and he said he'd be more than happy to take pictures of us! WOOHOO if these turn out good we won't need to spend money on engagement pictures I'm soooo flippin excited I can't wait! After that we went to dinner at Hodaks YUMMY!! Then came back home and just relaxed. It was a great day!

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