Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend outlook

Well its Saturday evening, and in a few hours I'll be heading over to some friends house to go get ice cream and then head to City Museum most likely. Just waiting on Mark to get his behind here, granted he got off work 30 minutes ago, still hasn't showered, still needs to load his truck and get fuel, then drive 45 minutes out here, so I've got some time. Oh well that means i can watch more Olympics and the end of the ball game.

Speaking of the Olympics I watched the opening ceremonies last night and they were awesome! What an amazing show they put on, I'm still iffy about them being held in China with all the other stuff going on with them, but its time to put stuff like that aside for a few weeks I supposed.

I can't wait until tomorrow, absolutely no plans and its supposed to be a gorgeous day, I might try to get Mark to go to Forrest Park for a little bit and just hang out, we'll see. Anyways i have Olympics and baseball to be watching!

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